What Is An “A-Book” And A “B-Book” Forex Broker

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  • The information gathered from these testimonials can shed light on how these providers operate and treat their clients.
  • These conditions make an A-book model a simple choice for small brokerages without extended financial abilities.
  • Higher transparency levels help identify instances of market manipulation where high-value trades by whales may skew market trends to their advantage.
  • Bitcoin, for instance, has experienced a steep decrease, losing over 60% of its value in November 2022.
  • This model is an optimal solution for both brokers and traders, but a tricky one.

In cases where there is an imbalance in trading positions (for example, if a majority of clients are on the same side of a trade), the broker might still face significant risks. For instance, if one client is buying a certain currency pair, the broker can offset this risk by matching it with another client who is selling the same currency pair. This internal matching reduces the broker’s exposure to market fluctuations, as the gains of one client will counterbalance the losses of another. Besides, competition among brokers is so strong that most of them merely ceased to “help traders lose their deposits” and allow them to trade normally. It is a licensed, regulated broker working on the A-Book hybrid model. Traders have a choice between classic trading accounts (Classic, STP model) and professional ECN accounts.

Why are brokers enforced to apply B-Book models?

Our forex CRM system allows you to fine-tune your business approach using comprehensive filters that display where the most revenue comes from. Analyze data regionally, identifying areas where trading activity is high and markets are prospering. By studying such factors, you can create a roadmap to optimize your offerings.

a-book b-book

Technology and connectivity are key components to an optimal trading environment. Please ensure that you take the time to research your potential liquidity providers thoroughly. Their longevity in the market can often serve as a good indicator of their reliability, especially considering the high-speed nature of trading. Being the best forex CRM provider requires more than just offering high-tech products and services. We understand that without strong, reliable, and proactive support, even the most advanced CRM can fall flat.


To ensure efficient tracking, our system allows you to sort and filter clients and partners based on parameters such as registration date, region, and status. Another aspect that elevates our forex CRM system is its role in augmenting your marketing strategies. With the ability to furnish daily technical analysis, economic calendars, and company news, your CRM is also a powerful marketing tool. From setting up special offers to formulating compelling marketing promotions, you have the power to implement all these strategies to foster customer loyalty. As a forex CRM provider, we understand the challenges of operating in a highly competitive and demanding industry. In order to differentiate yourself from your peers, you need something awe-inspiring that will drive clients to you.

The dependency on one liquidity provider leaves brokers vulnerable to potential disruption and unforeseen consequences. Hence, working with multiple providers is crucial for brokers to mitigate such risks. Forex Affiliates can gain insight into their client’s financial activities by viewing our detailed dashboard charts or reading through our reports. In the same vein, partners can monitor their clients’ trading volumes, bonuses, and other significant data necessary for IB rewards through our distinct excel reports. This comprehensive forex CRM solution offers an extensive list of client information, which includes trading details, their funds, and their activity. Our Forex CRM system ensures effortless account management for all our traders.

B-Book Broker Model Advantages

The broker can create its own ECN system, but then it becomes senseless, as there will be a relatively small number of participants. There were numerous cases of bankruptcy after the SNB unpegged the franc from the euro. Therefore, today the pure STP model is rare, although some brokers continue to focus on it. Differently put, a Price Giver places an order in the interbank market indicating the purchase volume in lots and the price at which it is ready to buy/sell the asset. The order enters the Depth of Market, Price Taker accepts the most suitable order for it (at the best price and sufficient volume), entering into a deal with Price Giver.

a-book b-book

This structure is especially lucrative considering 74-89% of retail accounts typically incur losses. The use of A book and B book models allows brokers to manage risk effectively and cater to a diverse range of clients with different trading strategies and levels of experience. The more successful traders become, the more a company’s expenses rise. To balance it, the broker must attract new clients, escalate operational risks or increase commissions, again losing compatibility and becoming less attractive to existing and potential clients.

Best Forex Account Management Services

At the moments of the EURUSD highest liquidity, the spread could be around zero level, however, there can’t be literally zero spread. If a broker utilizes the B-Book model, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a kitchen (although such a probability is high). This may indicate that the broker fills small transactions within its platform. In contrast, large transactions, individually or in a pool, can be transferred to the liquidity provider and then to the interbank market Forex. An example of such a model is a combination of cent (B-Book) and ECN (A-Book) accounts. There is no conflict of interest in this model since the broker does not act as a counterparty to transactions.

a-book b-book

B-Book model is a business scheme where a broker itself acts as a liquidity provider for your transaction. It means that your transaction will not be sent to the interbank market at all. The Depth of Market is a tool reflecting the information on orders placed by sellers and buyers at the current time. The trader sees prices and volumes of orders, which suggest a kind of market sentiment.

B-Book forex brokers act as the counterpart to each trader by adopting an internal approach to trade execution. They essentially become the market makers by processing trades in-house. The A-Book model’s leading benefit is the elimination of conflict of interest. Unlike B-Book brokers, who might benefit from client losses, A-Book brokers earn from trading volumes. This ensures fair treatment for traders, offering transparent pricing and tighter spreads, appealing especially to large-volume accounts.

a-book b-book

This guarantees instantaneous execution of both buying and selling transactions, thereby conferring an advantage when purchasing assets at the market price. We also provide a specialized solution for Crypto CFDs by combining resources from cryptocurrency exchanges, non-bank liquidity suppliers, cryptocurrency brokers, orders from institutional clients, and hedge funds. Investigate the services and solutions offered by liquidity providers and ensure they align with your requirements.

Benefits and Challenges of Hybrid Models

For new traders, the simplicity of a B-Book model may be sufficient, while advanced investors might require the sophistication of the A-Book model. Evaluate the trading behavior, asset preferences, and location of your client base. Surveys can help obtain direct insights into their expectations and requirements. The A-Book model is considered less risky for clients since the broker cannot trade against them. But spreads may be wider compared to B-Book due to the straight pass-through of external liquidity pricing.

If a broker chooses to accept the market risk, when the trade is executed, it is called “B-Book execution”. The B-book brokerage model also has a number of undeniable advantages, which are as follows. Brokers appeared with the emergence of the stock exchange, the Trading Api place where buying and selling of securities occurs. From the origins to modern understanding, exchange funds have passed a long stage of evolution and modernization, changing the principles of operation and covering all large economic and financial processes.

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